VersaCoater XL60 Digital - Refurb Unit

VersaCoater XL60 Digital - Refurb Unit

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The VersaCoater XL60 UV has a storied history of success beginning back in 2006...  Now with over 120 units of various versions in the industry, the coater and the technology has stood the test of time.  Still, as with any product line, there was room for improvement.  Improvements in process control, operator convenience, job repeatability and operational functionality have been implemented in the digital version of the XL.  Specifically, the VersaCoater XL60 digital ensures proper operational start up through its PLC Controler, performing various tasks upon power up, such as initialization checks and balances, zero point roller calibration, and cleaning.  These are tasks that even a good operator may not do each time.  Job repeatability has been further enhanced through the use of 16 programmable channels that can be set to represent specific job settings for each different combination of substrate and coating.  Shutting down the machine has also been simplified through an end of day function, which ensures your not ruining rollers and wasting valuable time and money.  There is even a maintenance reporting function for the lamps and preventative maintenance.  In Short, this refurbished "digital" XL has all of the conveniences and offers all of the versatility you'll ever need in a liquid coater.   download the sales brochure here

Both Coater and Curing unit have been upgraded to the fullest extent possible.  Price includes both Coater and Curing Unit.   

Note: This refurbished unit comes with a 6 month unconditional warranty on all parts and covers on site labor (not travel) for manufacturing defects in parts or workmanship, including electronic parts, wiring, belts, rollers, hmi display, motors, gears, pumps, etc., etc., provided the installation & training are provided for by Advanced Print & Finishing or one of our duly authorized partners.    


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Roll Unwind & Take Up System Roll Unwind & Take Up System
Compatible with VersaCoater XL, Neschen AccuPro UV, and ATC UV 60
$14,500.00 / unit(s) *
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