VersaCoater DocuMate UV 13 IR UV - Demo Unit

VersaCoater DocuMate UV 13 IR UV - Demo Unit

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UV Liquid Coater Small Format: VersaCoater™ DocuMate Plus

The VersaCoater DocuMate Plus offers high-end capabilities in a compact footprint. For the investment, this little coater is jam packed with features that not even machines twice its cost offer, like:

  • Pre and Post coat conditioning stations for use with EA toners
  • Enclosed operating system
  • Self-adjusting, multi thickness nip system
  • Self-Cleaning
  • Multiple Supply Tanks
  • Hi efficiency Curing System (designed and built here in the USA)
  • Ultra smooth surface coating
  • Fire detection and shut down

The VersaCoater™ DocuMate Plus is based on proven VersaCoater™ UV MicroCoater Technology, custom engineered for narrow format digital press output right here in the USA. The many features offered, make this the ultimate user friendly micro format UV coater for on demand print shops. commercial print, litho and repro houses; photolabs and even sign making shops. To coin a phrase, you might say that the VersaCoater DocuMate Plus is so easy, that even a caveman could use it… This technology was conceptualized back in 2006 and perfected over the years by Drytac Corporation. There are well over a hundred units in the United States alone and are featured in many prominent businesses across the USA. Its enclosed environment, low operating cost and compact footprint make it ideal for smaller shops that are space limited that don't want to give up the features of larger coaters, like throughput speed and surface smoothness.

One of the machines greatest features is its ability to handle variable paper weights from 85 lb text to 120 lb cover stock without having to adjust the nip. In fact, it's one of, if not the only coater that can handle multiple sheet weights one after the other, again, without being adjusted. If you need commercial quality, high volume output in a compact footprint with a remarkably low cost per page, look no further. Download the product brochure here for additional information.

Download VersaCoater™ DocuMate Plus Here



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