Small Format, Hot Film Laminators

Small Format Encapsulators

Small Format Encapsulators

Introducing the all new
ALM3222 fully automatic laminator 

The next generation in fully automated lamination of digital toner, litho and traditional inkjet based prints... 

Encapsulating digital color copies, photos, and other high value paper printed products doesn't have to be difficult.  With the ALM (automated laminating machines) from DryLam, your life (and production costs) just got a whole lot easier.  No longer do you have to pay top dollar for an operator to take of the mundane tasks associated with trimming down your encapsulated prints.  The ALM 3220/3222 hot laminator handles sizes from 8.5x11 to 12x18" and works with all toner based printer, even Konica Minolta...    In fact, the ALM 3222 will out produce what an operator can encapsulate and cut by a 3:1 ratio without a single person operating it.  Now that's efficiency !

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