UV Flatbeds

UV Flatbeds

UV Flatbeds


Unsurpassed QualityWith variable drop sizes of 4, 8 and 12 picoliter, the Ricoh Gen5 print head on the Vanguard VR-Series printing presses delivers the absolute highest quality imaging available at its price point.


Unparalleled Performance — Built on our proven flatbed and hybrid technology for simplicity, durability and ease of operation, the Vanguard VR-Series printing presses will thrive in your environment and deliver to your expectations.


Unbelievably Priced — When compared to similar printers in the market, the Vanguard VR-Series line of printing presses feature a considerably lower initial investment cost along with lower long-term operational costs. This adds up to a much shorter return on your investment, allowing profits to start growing sooner.

Superior quality, outstanding value!